The Dark Places We Make

by Detest

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released July 26, 2011

-Recorded by Rory Willis at Greyskull Studios in Bowling Green, KY
-Cover art by Alec Ricketts



all rights reserved


Detest Evansville, Indiana

Heavy hitters. 812/270

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Track Name: Division
The Light I see is fading away
When there's nothing left to see
I sink into this hole
Track Name: Buried
Doesn’t it feel great? Living up to your own expectations
fighting everything you see with no explanations
Crying over shit that has no meaning
If I’m the shallow one, I wonder how you're feeling

You can’t be me, face to face
When I give everything to this
Your pride always comes with a bitter taste
Always turned away, back turned I return this, what you have earned
Breaking your fucking chain
shift the weight of your the blame

I will bury the bones you left, Face me. Face this
Track Name: Luck Out
All the dreams I see are fading away
and the won't return in any fucking day
I'm losing the vision of hope
When I'm hopeless and broken
My days become nights.
I have nothing. Nothing left to show from my dreams.


Keep it close,
Why do we always have to luck out
Track Name: Tides
Forfiet your fucking tides
There is rememberance of the days in which our fathers have died
We can not rewrite this page
There will never be better days

I can't grasp your rope
The strands are frayed and damaged
With this day
How can you show me what you have left
You have nothing left for me
You are nothing

You are now stranded
Broken from the grip of life
No more company
You remain on your own
Track Name: Expected
This is a divide I have left to show you
The division of two
I have learned from my mistakes

Break from yourself
I have nothing to show you for your faithfulness
You need to live on your own

Picture perfect examples of these motherfucking kings
Isn't that what you expected
Track Name: Break
You don't need a muse, Or a voice up apove.
Draining your life, bringing you down off the chair.
No need to call for help, No point in begging for this, Living no life.
There is no price but
I will be there to kick you in your fucking teeth

I have the weight of death
And dont remember how he got here
Find yourself the only one left
You're lost when there isnt anyone to turn to

This weight on my back is getting too heavy to fucking bear